MLStu is a much better pen name than my birth name. I’ve got one of those dime a dozen names that I just don’t feel like using. How can I make a name for myself out of a an already worn-out name? It’s so confusingly common that I’ve even been forwarded snail mail meant for a different person of the same name. Therefore here, I’m not going to use my name (no offense to my parents). MLStu is a derivative of my name and let’s just leave it at that.

Aside from my name I’m not trying to be obscure or annonymous. I wouldn’t have made a blog to begin with if that were true. I want to be noticed. I may be painfully shy at times but when it comes to my writing, I really want to be noticed. My writing first got me attention in journalism class my freshman year of high school when a column that I wrote about my mother’s death brought tears to some of my readers’ eyes. So I kept going. Shortly after graduating high school, I switched from journalism to writing a novel, which (after years of work) I love enough to get it published (I am currently seeking a literary agent.). I want the world to see that side of my writing. But in the meantime, I’m writing this blog and a few short stories to peak your interest.

This blog originally focused on my Peace Corps life in Mozambique (I was a secondary school English teacher) and all things cultural. Then as of December of 2011 the blog changed its focus to the random quirks of the American life, specifically as a newlywed and a newbee to Oklahoma.

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