Taking the interstate, our motorcycle drove out of the city and into the empty fields of the country. The setting sun was still hot, but the wind blew fast. My jeans were tight but my hair hung loose. I rested my hands on Greg’s waist and leaned relaxed against the backrest. A little bit dangerous and a little bit free. We sped past cows and an old wooden windmill until at last we reached a small town of little two-story brick buildings, wooden houses, and a few stop lights.

We parked at a bar that was so large and yet still managed to be so crowded that we had to wait 10 minutes for just one barstool to open. I sat down with Greg by my side and saw what luck we had with the seat. The stool happened to be right in front of the kitchen where we saw tray after tray of fried chicken and okra get set out to cool. Other cooks threw together a quick plate of nachos or Frito chili pie. The menu was small but every item was popular. We decided to go with the most popular and ordered a beer, a coke, fried chicken and fried okra.

Watching the fresh chicken come out with a side sweet and sour pickles, I could tell already why the bar was so crowded. Greg pointed to a picture on the wall. The chicken at Eischens is so famous that the Food Network’s Guy Fieri himself has featured it on his show. Yum!


In the end, despite a hefty wait, the food was just as good as I had hoped. I didn’t even mind the wait since it gave us an excuse to stay in the bar longer and observe the interesting crowd. Some patrons were dressed to flirt, others like casual summer sports fans, and others even chose to wear some weird fake black mustaches.

So with bellies full we hopped back on the motorcycle in the dark of night. We headed back towards the city whose lights we could already see from the bar. On the road, fireworks went off on our right to advertise a store selling them. We kept on going towards home, but just before we made it, we stopped at Lake Heffner. A cool breeze blew off the water and we watched another show of fireworks going off downtown. Bright flashes and bulbs of red, white, and blue.
What a great country we have. Happy almost Fourth of July.